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Executive Director


Joe Hadley, Jr.

Joe Hadley is NEFCO’s Executive Director, a position he’s held since 1987. He is also the Program Manager for Environmental Planning. Joe started at NEFCO in January 1975 as part of the initial staff; prior to this he had worked for the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission in Akron. As Director, Joe is responsible for the overall direction of the agency’s annual work program, including preparation of the agency’s budget. He reports to the General Policy Board and is the primary staffer in meetings of the Board’s Executive, Personnel, and Budget Committees. Joe conducts orientation meetings with new NEFCO Board members. He outlines the agenda for the agency’s monthly board meetings. Joe has over 45 years of regional planning experience.

With input from NEFCO’s members and staff, Joe sets the direction for the water quality/environmental work program. He is responsible for the preparation of the two annual water quality contracts with the Ohio EPA; he administers these contracts and supervises staff in accomplishing the contract’s requirements. Joe also provides oversight to the Economic Development Planning staff.

In addition to his NEFCO responsibilities, Joe had a concurrent career from 1977 to 2012 as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Akron’s Dept. of Geography and Planning, where he taught on a part-time basis a variety of geography, mapping, and planning undergraduate and graduate classes. Some of his former students went on to become planners or environmental professionals and are now working in the NEFCO region.

Joe graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from Worcester State College, and has a Master’s Degree in Geography from The University of Akron.

For questions or comments about NEFCO or its planning programs, please contact Joe or call (330) 643-5036.

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