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Water Quality/Environmental Planner

Environmental PlanningStaff

Thomas LaPlante

Tom LaPlante is the Water Quality/Environmental Planner at NEFCO. Tom is responsible for the management of NEFCO’s Clean Water Plan (208 Plan). Tom and the NEFCO team can provide 208 Plan technical assistance on regional development projects to both public and private sectors.

Tom has over 27 years of public sector experience in water quality/environmental planning, coordinating environmental health programs, including state sewage treatment systems and private water systems programs, and performing operation and maintenance inspections for semi-public sewage disposal systems. Tom previously worked with NEFCO between 1997- 1999 as an Environmental Planner, delineating wellhead protection areas for public drinking water systems and developing watershed protection plans for the region. Tom has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from The University of Akron with an emphasis on soil science and hydrogeology.  For more information about NEFCO’s regional water quality management planning or for assistance on projects needing wastewater treatment options, please contact Tom or call 330-643-5042.

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