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What is NEFCO doing regarding the region’s stormwater problems?

NEFCO recognizes the significance of this problem in the region and discusses this challenge in all of our water quality reports. Staff has urged continued stormwater education of all parties involved in the development process; the goal being to increase awareness of methods for reducing stormwater runoff from development projects, including the use of natural … Continued

How is NEFCO involved in point and nonpoint pollution studies and activities?

When NEFCO prepares watershed studies or plans, we document the locations of both types of pollution if possible, or we emphasize the potential distribution of the pollution believed to be there. The types and extent of this pollution are  key to the potential steps for reducing or eliminating the problems identified in the study.

What is point source pollution?

Any discernable conveyance, including but not limited to any pipe, ditch, or conduit, from which pollutants are or can be discharged.

Is NEFCO a duplication of other regional planning agencies?

No. NEFCO coordinates its services and work programs with those of area regional planning agencies to ensure there is no duplication and that the agencies’ activities are supportive of each agency’s goals. NEFCO’s Bylaws prohibit it from performing reviews or related activity for land subdivisions or zoning. These are typically functions of a municipal or … Continued

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