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Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee Members

CEDS Committee Members*

Committee Chair


City of Akron

Member: David Messner, Development Manager
Alternate: Vacant

City of Canton

Member: Vacant, Economic Development Director
Alternate: Vacant

City of Kent

Member: Tom Wilke, Economic Development Director
Alternate: Bridget Susel, Community Development Director

City of Wooster

Member: Jonathan Millea, Development Director
Alternate: Vacant

Portage County

Member: Brad Ehrhart, President, Portage County Development Board
Alternate: Vacant

Stark County

Member: Robert Nau, Executive Director, Regional Planning Commission
Alternate: Jonelle Melnichenko, Chief of Planning, Regional Planning Commission

County of Summit

Member: Dennis Tubbs, Assistant Director, Department of Community and Economic Development
Alternate: Olivia Helander, Business Development Specialist, Department of Community and Economic Development

Wayne County

Member:  Vacant, Planning Department
Alternate:  Jenn Kiper, Planner

Barberton Community Development Corporation

Member: Scott Wagner, Executive Director
Alternate: Vacant

Greater Akron Chamber

Member: Gregg Cramer, Vice President, Economic Development
Alternate: Alyssa Carpenter, Director, Economic Development

JumpStart, Inc.

Member: Patricia Grospiron, Senior Partner, Network Management
Alternate: Linda Hale, Canton Innovation District Community Manager

Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center

Member: Betty Aylsworth, Program Coordinator
Alternate: Vacant

Portage Development Board

Member: Brad Ehrhart, President
Alternate: Diana Fierle, Econonic Development Specialist

Stark Economic Development Board

Member: Ray Hexamer, President
Alternate: John McLaughlin, Vice President, Business Development

Wayne Economic Development Council

Member: Maribeth Burns, President
Alternate: Vacant

*Additional members/alternates anticipated

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